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Friday, November 9, 2012

Truth be told...

Do you not think that I know that you are dangerous?  That you don't play games that you don't like to like to play games with people like yourself.  When the opponent is as smart and as swift and as clever as you.....

When you are playing with danger yourself! That is your weakness.

You like danger.
Watching bombs go by turns you on so to speak.

Intelligence, my dear, is both a strength and a weakness.

Not being able to stop playing is going to be the trick.--For both of us!

You can't send a messenger to play your man in our game.

I'm haunting you.

I feel it.  Invoking both pleasure and anger in your blood right now.

The pleasure is overriding the anger isn't it?

It's ok!  You aren't used to playing with me yet.

You will get used to being my submissive.  You enjoy this submissiveness that you have been dying to let out.

You are full of so much pleasure.

Every time you breath in and out, you are rushed with pleasure.

I know that it wouldn't take much to send you over the edge and into a place where you have to release that pleasure.

Deeper and deeper into that pleasure with every breath.

Relaxing, calming pleasure.

Releasing all of your stress

Let all of your stress go
Breath in the pleasure

Exhale the stress- let it go where it needs to go

Feel that pleasure increase ten fold every time you see the word pleasure.




I bet that you would like to release this pleasure wouldn't you?

Sorry.  You can't do that.

Not until I say that you can.


I bet that you are squirming right now aren't you?


Are you ready for me to permit you to release this pleasure?




You will feel so much better once you have fully relaxed and released all of this pleasure through your body.

You may relax now.
I want to keep you on your toes.

We will play more later

I'm off to LD land.

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