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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cat or chicken? Now you can show your face. I'm waiting. Are you a cat or a chicken?

Tom and Jerry

Is that you I see, My little Tom? Should I go and hide? Should I call my mom? Will I be your meal? A snack of prey? Is it really you? Will you say? Cover your steps. I can see you tracks. I need more clues. I need more facts. .de doesn't give me much. I want to feel your skin. I want to feel your touch. You are the cat, I the mouse. Name the time and place, I will be at your house.

Tom Cats

They are night prowlers who stalk their prey quietly never missing their target. I too can be a Tom Cat. Pppprrrrrrrr.............

Ode to my fair lady

He took her away,
Like a terrible dream.
I wake in hot sweats,
Tears and screams.
I miss her today,
And will tomorrow too,
It's a wonder,
How I make it through .
My heart broken,
My soul is lost,
I could never imagine,
This bridge I've crossed.

Can't find inner peace,
Or the same level of love.
We will be together again,
If I have to see her up above.

In All I see c
In all I do,
i I will sit and wait.
My life for you!!! One thing is for sure We will be back together,
We will work it all out So that we last forever

Time out, or time locked up?

Do not push the red button!!!!!

A new me with an old desire

How do you concentrate when you are busy listening to the noise? The sound of electricity flowing through the power lines near a transformer. That sizzling static sound that confuses your thoughts and drowns out reality? What is reality anymore? Two pieces of old English blue patterned China that you have managed to turn into art? Is reality the dreams of a near distant past that you keep in your head that your phone will ring and her voice will be on the other end of the line? Is reality being Iritated, or is it when you are no longer phased by Iritation. You just let be what is! The tears still fall. The days still pass. The pain doesn't fade, and you are no further away than you ever were. Ssshhhhh.....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

one more night. give me just one more night......

Kiss me

Hold me

Touch my face

Let me see you with your eyes closed inhaling us so close to one another.


Let me shudder.

Have a cigarette with me and recall how I was the one who got you smoking again -bad me!

Taste me.

Enjoy yourself and be free.

Lean back and really feel me there.

Kiss my neck.  Stare at me.

Love me.