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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

one more night. give me just one more night......

Kiss me

Hold me

Touch my face

Let me see you with your eyes closed inhaling us so close to one another.


Let me shudder.

Have a cigarette with me and recall how I was the one who got you smoking again -bad me!

Taste me.

Enjoy yourself and be free.

Lean back and really feel me there.

Kiss my neck.  Stare at me.

Love me.


extra extra read all about it...

Send your messengers and your recording devices.  Bring on the gps/ low jack stalking bullshit.....

I will fight your cheap army, and live or die, I love her and she loves me, and THAT is one thing you can't control.

Fuck yourself!  Have a smoggy day! ;)

Some things never change

Although I find myself in the midst of moving once again, I have found that I don't have to re-learn everything.  Facebook hasn't changed, and I get to keep my old phone world isn't going to go into self implosion mode now.  No "human" interaction nervous breakdowns for this chicky.  I still have my Facebook layout that hasn't changed (if it changes now, I do not take responsibility!!!)

A girls got to do what a girls got to do to make her connections and have her voice heard!!

I feel blessed and cursed to live in an era of cell phones!!


Let me explain.....I deserve an American trial. My voice should be heard!

Come to me. Let me explain. You were ill as was I.  I was gummied into the decisions that I made at the time.

You have never stopped feeling the air on your neck because I have never stopped breathing on it.

sssshhhhhh..........just lean back.  come to me..... 

How does she do it?

I felt I needed you  and found you near.