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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I feel for some reason really uninspired lately, and I try to battle through it, but it doesn't seem to want to fade.

I just finished school last week, so maybe I just need to take a step away from it all.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

multi talented

I could come on a work/ study visa to teach art to local children.

Just a thought!

The new hair cut

They say that when you let your stylist do what they wish, you are going through a change in your life.  Normally something pretty major.  It's a lot of times a spur of the moment idea that you decide to take the steps to actually get the hair actually cut.....

I wonder what her eyes look like.  I haven't seen into her beautiful eyes in such a long time now.

How has time gone by so fast.

I have a rock that is rusty color and is triangular in shape that I keep above my door that I look at every time I leave my apartment.

School is going great, and I am doing well.

The other side of my bed is still cold.

I have my studio in my other room.

It has a great view and I am right by the pool which is now warm enough here to use.

I feel you behind me.

Everyday and always have.


Saturday, May 4, 2013

Remember when

As I start my day I read a few blog entries that I read regularly, and I light my own cigarette and take a sip of my coffee and begin to write my own post.

I am taken back in time a bit as I think of that first cigarette that she had after a very long time of not smoking, and within a couple of days, she was back to being a full time smoker.

I loved the shape of her lips as she would take a drag off of her smoke.

I enjoyed our time together and feel strongly that the day will come where we will be back as one.

I can smell her hair when I focus.

She still has a beautiful spot for me in her heart just for me.

I found out what true love was when I met her, and that doesn't fade.

Every cigarette she lights up keeps us alive