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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Feel you there

I feel you there watching over me.

I had class today and wasn't able to concentrate on your presence.

I am heading to class now.  English.  Three hour lecture. 

When are you going to come for a visit?

I often see you.  You are leaning against your car smoking outside of my apartment when I pull into my parking spot.

I approach you.  You don't move.  I press against you.  We kiss.  I can taste your cigarette on your lips.  I can feel you as I lean into you.

You still don't let me know that you are there.  I just know that it is you.

Have you figured out my riddles from my last post?

I know that you are smart. 

Am I in your mind when you wake up?

What about when you go to sleep?

I miss hearing your voice.

Can I email you my phone number?

Comment me on any of my posts.  Anonymous even.  I will know it is you.

I have to go to class.

I'm thinking of you.

Put in some PF.  have a smoke.  both. 

When I get out of class and back home, it will be 6am your time. 

I will see you in LD land.


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