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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

come to me

I miss you.  Your presence.  You left me for awhile. I had to contact you. I didn't contact her. Just you. Let me know that you are there. 

I need you near me.  I want to feel you.

I miss your voice.

I made it through my first semester at school. I made the Dean's list.  Doesn't that earn me something? 

How can I know that I influence you?

The kids are both "here" aren't they?  Studying?  Doesn't that make you need to come see them and check on them?

Doesn't that make it easy for you to visit the"City by the Lake"

It is getting cold out.  I need warming up.

A good smoke. A smoking buddy.

Come see me.

You know how to contact me.


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